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Adding Various Business Affiliate in Blog

. Tuesday, April 28, 2009
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Affiliate if I translate in my language is a program or service to market other people with the system for results. So if we successfully make the sale or as an intermediary in the sale so that we will be given some benefit of the value of sales, can be even 10% to 50%.

how so that we can run the affiliate program? There are several ways that we can go to them. The first way is to register as an affiliate agency, for example, on Friendfinder. Friendfinder in our need to register and follow the program that is looking for new members or refferal. When we get refferal we will get paid $ 1 / $ 2 and male / female. Easy enough? To pay through Payoneer DebitCard.

Second way is to buy the product, After purchasing a product, we can run the affiliate program by offering products with others, for example is to buy the domain as I do. After purchasing a domain we can affiliasinya the program by offering it to other people to purchase the domain. If there are bloggers who link to buy the domain from which we have we will get paid at around 10% of value sales.

The third way is to register the program and the PPC, Paid Reviews, or PTC. Generally, the amount of the receipt after we get refferal is 5-10% that have even up to 50%, as sales in the e-book that is currently done by the more incentive Seller dreams (dreams that are difficult to offer reliable) that we met in many different PPC .

Now if we have to follow a particular affiliate program we will be given as an intermediary link product sales. If the link and click on the registration or sale occurs, we already have and we paid refferall. For the links we can install in the sidebar or the blog can also post on our blog so that your visitors interested and buy it.

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