Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to activate Paypal using MasterCard from Payoneer

. Sunday, March 22, 2009

I was initially in doubt whether the MasterCard that I've created 25 days ago, will actually be sent or not. But on this day, February 25th 2009 I doubt lost. Finally there came a squire's house to my Mastercard. And I have relieved Mastercard for Paypal verification. Are there any that will follow me? Please try, FREE ... 
The steps are: 

1. please click here to register 
2. If you are in the click, the image will appear as below, then click "JOIN NOW" 

3. Then fill in the data itself on the image you like below: 

4. if all are filled click the "Click here and have fun", check the verification email and open the email message from friendfinder the contents of your activation. And then, please click "Activate Now" in your email and follow the instructions next. 

The next step for a MasterCard, please follow the affiliate program: 

1. click here to join affiliate. 

2. If you are, then select "Affiliate" in the menu on the right. then select the first option as shown below select "Affiliate Sign Up": 

3. Then fill in the data you want to correct: 
Preferred Program: Select a number 1 
First Name: 
Last Name: 
URL: Website / your blog, 
Desired password: Password I want you 
Preferred Newsletter Language: select language 
Email Address: Enter your email 
Secondary Email Address: Email you the other, may also cleared 
Checks payable to: your full name 
Street Address: Your Address 
City: City where you live 
State / Province: Province where you live 
Country: Your Country 
ZIP / Postal Code: Zip your town 
What is your business tax Classification? 
Tax ID or Social Security Number: 
Phone Number: No telp you, 
Which Instant Messenger do you use? 
Use ePassporte: Select only No 
Please give us your comments: Make your comments such as: Heloo. I like it. Thank You, 
After the "click Click Here for the Last Step" 
Then click the small box you have any posts 
"Yes, I have read and accepted the Affiliate Agreement ..." 
Then click Submit. 

Then click Account Information 

I then click on any text on the blue "Here is your account information. Click here to update your information." 

click Payoneer: Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard ®. You will be directed to FriendFinder a page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card. 

then fill the data in your Payoneer, the contents of your wait approximately 25 to 30 days until your card in your home, after your debit card activation ago to follow the instructions in the letter was sent with your card. Do not forget your username (email that you use in payoneer) and the activation password for your MasterCard. 
 only FrindFinder a member you can be a debit card from payoneer, 
Look at your email again, there you will be given a username and password for the affiliate. Login as a member as affiliate login dg is different.

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