Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to Create Blog in Blogger

. Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At first blog is a place to vent off steam or foreverglo and share information. Poured in a variety of information or papers that can enjoyed by everyone. Long run so many users and it finally blog traffic booming with visitors compact. This is in part utilized by various bloggers as a means of business. 
There are several reasons why choosing a blog as mentioned above, is the fundamental reason blogger does not need to grope for pocket use.  To Use so simple and easy learned. To beautify the blog page  given us freedom, then of course the reason is strong enough to start creating a blog our blog is a long-term assets that generate. Of course, what in the "treated" correctly. 
Main requirements that must be owned in the making is a blog on Blogger E-mail in gmail. If you have not please register first at gmail. If you already have, let us begin to build a blog in blogger. 

The first step prior to the entry page www.blogger.com 

But generally the view is like this next to the picture, then click on any posts "create your blog now"

So, the next screen is like the image below:


Fill in all the form, your username and password in Gmail, "Display name" is the name that will appear later. If you have filled all the checklist do not forget any posts on the front of the box "I accept ...." Then click the arrow labeled "continue" 

Then select the view that in accordance with your wishes, select one, later this view we can change with a more suitable. 

The next step is to start with your first posting articles. as in the picture below. 

give the title posting on the "title" and describe your article in the box underneath. There also we can edit as well as on microsoft word, we can make the underlining, bold print, the settings and add a picture or video. when we have finished directly click "publish entry" if you want to save or just click "save as draft”

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