Sunday, August 30, 2009

Campaign Blog and can Get $ 2 each Refferal from Likaholix

. Sunday, August 30, 2009

business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promotedEvery blogger wants to have a famous blog of course. Recently there was a new friendship sites such as facebook and tweeter, his name is Likaholix. Because it is still new, so to accelerate the development of this site, they pay $ 2 per person we are to enroll in likaholix. The important thing to note is that we must enter the 5 things we like. You can put anything that is like one by one. You can enter your blog URL link there, so we can promote a blog. So we can DOLLAR addition we also promote our blog. They would pay if the money we've raised at least $ 15. For more details, please register by clicking on the link this Likaholox. If not clear please continue reading the following tutorial.

If you've done click on the link "likaholix" This is going to look like the following pages.

business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promoted

please fill in the data requested, to email please fill in your paypal email, so payments will be direct to your paypal email address. If you already filled then click "Sign Up". After that please enter your login and one at 5 things you like.

business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promoted

Like the example above, I put my own blog link, so I promote my blog as well, so I will also get traffic from here. You can also do the same thing as me. Then click on "Look Up", then will appear a few things we need to fill, like the image below:

business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promoted

"Say something about why you like this" please fill what makes you like the link you enter, for the language, you can use any language. Do not forget to give your link topics, then your stay you submit and publish through facebook or Tweeter. Because it is the main requirement for membership you get points.

Now you've finished entering 1st what you love, then you enter another one, at least 5 things or more. So full, Besides Money we can also blog promotion and selling of goods here. Take as much as your friends, so every Friday we can get paid.

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