Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get a Coupons $100 from Google Adwords

. Sunday, September 27, 2009
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coupon google adwords imageWhen I open my email, I got an email from google, the contents of the email explaining that I was getting $ 100 coupon from Google Adwords. So, this coupon can be used to advertise on google adwords. At first I doubted the existence of these coupons, why do I get my coupons dapet $ 100? huge coupon for me. With a little racing I open the contents of email, Here is a screenshot of the contents of the email from google.

coupon $100 from google adwords image, business blog

To use these tickets I had to register in google adwords, because I'm still new in this, I was browsing looking for information on google adwords. And it turned out many of the master internet marketing success through this google adwords, google adwords is a media campaign with hundreds of millions of visitors each day.

With a coupon of $ 100 is my google adwords to daydream and have a dream to succeed like the others so that this business blog can provide information my success later. Hopefully with this coupon I could achieve my dream.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Accelerating the index articles in Search Engine by Ping Service

. Saturday, September 26, 2009
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Accelerating the index articles in Search Engine by Ping Service image,business blogHave you checked already indexed or not you post an article? Then how long it takes for our articles indexed in search engines? really fast or slow depends indexed articles from engine bots (googlebot) visit our blog to crawl. If googlebot happy with our blog for frequent updates in the discipline, it will be quickly indexed, but it takes a few minutes or even hours. Well, for those who want to quickly indexed article, even less than 2 minutes, we can use the ping service. There are many pinging services and we use the service for free. But remember, we can not ping more than 1 time after updating the blog, because it could be considered SPAM.

I used to use the ping service from, the service is fast and there are many search engines to list on the side through this service, but after noticing there was a better and has facilities for feed, so I turned to using

After I noticed it did not take long, straight up in search engines especially google. If you want to check is indexed or not, please type the complete title of the article on search engines, if the title is unique and no one to match must occur in less than 2 minutes after the ping. So I conclude that the ping service is a powerful way to accelerate the article indexed in search engines

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to Choosing Paid Review Program

. Sunday, September 20, 2009
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how to choosing paid review program, scam programIf we get new information about a program blog business, we must be careful and need to find more information about the program. For example, we get new information that there is a paid review programs that limit the minimum cashout, cashout even for us to collect $ 50 to $ 100 first. While it is true they will pay but we have to do several jobs in advance, in my opinion if there is a program that limits the minimum cashout $ 50, it was not fair and the truth needs to be checked. to obtain information about the truth of these programs we have to ask google.

1. Paid First
ask google to type "First Paid" followed by the program name, eg "First Paid from ReviewMe" if there has ever received payment from the program means that this program away from the first sensor.

2. Scam Programs
ask google if there opinion stating that brokers SCAM. For example I demonstrated the "Paying Post Scam" if you get results, see why. Then read it again another article that states the program Scam, If many of the state program scam, of course, you must be willing to leave.

3. Question Forum
Follow a few forums that review and sharing of business blogs, ask the forum if you suspect a scam program.

Maybe it was just a simple tips for choosing the program paid review, may be useful and if there is a broker friend who want to add a comment please through below.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Install Logo and Banner in Blog

. Monday, September 14, 2009
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How to Install Logo and Banner in Blog,pm business,perfect money,business blogApparently there are still many blogger friends who are still confused in the installation of the logo and banner for the PM business money in perfect money. Actually very simple once I install this logo and banner. Noteworthy is the "img src" and "href". For the record, img src is the URL address of the image that is displayed, whereas if the href is the purpose of the banner or logo is clicked. Fill "href" with your affiliate link at the perfect money.

for more details following is an example of html code.

<a target="_blank" href="Url target">
<img alt="The word alternativ" src="image URL" border="0" /> </a>

Please replace the word that I marked with a red banner with your criteria. The following are examples of my html code to display banner or logo is perfect money.

<a target="_blank" href="">
<img alt="Perfect Money" src="" border="0" /< </a>

for installation logo of Perfect money you can use html code above by replacing the numbers 499,246 with your refferal code numbers.

Please put this code in your blog. Good guide how to install these logos and banners can be useful for friends who are still newbie.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's SCAM PayingPost

. Thursday, September 10, 2009
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SCAM PayingPost,business blog,paid reviewsBrokers are paid reviews I was very disappointing, after the approval of my website, it immediately got 2 Job. After working on the job turns out to 5 day job I had made had not been approved. Because of this incident suspicious, I casually look for information in google by typing in the keyword "PayingPost Scam". It turns out I was very disappointing, many which stated that brokers are paid reviews have been SCAM which means that the broker is not going to pay. There are several reasons why a broker is said to be a scam by the senior bloggers. Requires a minimum payment of $ 50 which was initially only $ 25, then there is no response from the admin of the email sent there, and the minimum payout changes abruptly.

By reading some of these articles, I have to give up my efforts are not paid by them. And I have to remove the link out I had made. I made this a valuable lesson to be more careful in following the program paid reviews. I really feel disappointed with the fact that it was PayingPost SCAM.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Place the logo / banner at PerpectMoney Pay $ 20 Every Month | Paid to Put Logo

. Friday, September 4, 2009
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Your blog already has a pagerank (PR) from Google? if yes, you can join the program business blog from PerpectMoney (PM), you will be paid every month just by placing a logo. At the beginning of a fee is $ 40/month but recently there is a change to 10 * PR your blog, but the condition of your blog have a PR 2 or above. If these conditions are met you will get paid every month. Previously, I introduced what it used to PerfectMoney (PM). PM is a means of payment on the Internet, like e-gold, LibertyReserve, Paypal or other payment instrument. of facilities owned AM can we equate with Paypal, Paypal only difference is more popular because the first up and has become a common means of payment on the internet. There are many useful features in the PM you can learn more later. As for the steps dapet dollar is as follows.

The first step please begin by registering, click on the word "PerfectMoney", then please fill in the form given as complete.

perfect money,paid to put logo,business blog, dollar,place banner

Remember, for safety of use trojan keylogger virtual keyboard to fill in the password especially if you use a public internet cafe or at the office.

perfect money,paid to put logo,business blog, dollar,place banner

after you fill in all, do not forget to check the words "I agree with terms and condition" then click "Register". After that, please open the email you used to register and use Member ID given by email to login. Next please login by filling out the Member ID and password.

perfect money,paid to put logo,business blog, dollar,place banner

Then to follow the tide of business logos please search the words "PM for Business" which is located at the bottom. such as the following figure.

perfect money,paid to put logo,business blog, dollar,place banner

Check settings on the second option is "Reward to site owners with the logo of PerfectMoney" and then fill your blog URL address.

perfect money,paid to put logo,business blog, dollar,place banner

Then click the button below to continue. Parties PM will examine the feasibility of your blog, wait approximately 1 x 24 hours you will receive a notification email. If your blog is approved please approve or logo you install PM, measuring 150 x 75 px, For installation instructions and examples of its logo in the "Affiliate Program" dibagian located at the bottom.

Please try, if there is a problem I am ready to help you.

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