Sunday, May 10, 2009

Verification Blog or webpage on Yahoo Webmasters

. Sunday, May 10, 2009

For the Blogger who often play in the webmasters already know that of course Yahoo also has a free service like Google Webmaster Tools. Bloggers who have tried Yahoo Webmasters, this posting become obsolete, so this is only for beginner blogger like me to know that this tool is new. I inform those who have not registered blogs in Google Webmaster Tool, please read the previous posting about the Google Webmasters Tools.
The goal is to use Webmasters tool to facilitate the development of blogs in analyzing the Search Engine, and to increase visitor traffic's blog from Yahoo search engine.
steps to use the Yahoo service Webmasters this is as follows:

First, please click this Webmaster Yahoo any posts. So the page will appear as the image below:

Yahoo Webmasters tools

On the left side menu please click the "My Sites" then the login form will appear if you are not logged in. sebelumya. Please login with a Yahoo account you have.

Yahoo Webmasters tools

Then type the URL blogging name and click on "Add My Site" then blogging will be added in the list of blogs.
Then click the name of the blog you added a new line. Next on the left side menu click on "Feeds" to add the blog feed.
Yahoo Webmasters tools

Then form the right type in the address you blog feed, if you still use free blogger please type "atom.xml" then click "Add Feed" and leave my blog to add the feed in the diagnosis.
The next step is to blog Authentication you. How is the menu on the left side of any posts click "Authentication" then the right will show how the authentication credentials with a blog to upload a file or by adding a meta tag, please click on the second option if you use blogger.

Yahoo Webmasters tools
Please copy the meta tag given (bold text). Then login to blogger and go to the "layout" are to the "Edit HTML" and paste the meta tag code after <>, then save. Then return to the Yahoo page and click Webmasters earlier "Ready to authenticate." Here until your blog is listed in Yahoo webmasters, take a couple of days so we can blog in the diagnosis by Webmasters.

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