Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to get more dollars in buyblogreviews

. Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have a blog that has a maximum of 1000000 alexa ranking? terms that's enough to get a dollar in buyblogreviews, let's join to add revenue join our blog. How easy, for those who want to direct the list please click on the banner in addition, if still confused, please read the tutorial below:
For the registration process please click here, and then continue with the "Free Sign-up" like the image below:

Registration in buyblogreviews

next, fill in your personal data ourselves as complete as possible as the form below:

Registration in buyblogreviews

If you have filled all click "Register" and then see your email and search email from buyblogreiews, then click the verification link provided. That means you have successfully registered. The next step, as a member Login buyblogreviews in and add your blog. If you are already logged in click on "Manage Blogs" menu at the top.

Registration in buyblogreviews

Then click "Add new blog", and type your blog URL, please wait for approval from the email buyblogreviews approximately 1x24 hours. Because before you blog on approval we can not order paid reviews.
If approved, login and please click the "Find Opportunities" and search order there and we can order more than one here.

Registration in buyblogreviews

If you already have a suitable, click on the desired order and see the criteria desired by the advertiser, if roughly match your blog, please click the "Bid Nows" and check that you use the blog, enter your bid in there and click the "Place Bid" . Wait until the next live your bid is accepted. To view click on "My Home" and see in the "Bid (s) Won."
Easy?try it ...

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