Sunday, August 30, 2009

Campaign Blog and can Get $ 2 each Refferal from Likaholix

. Sunday, August 30, 2009
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business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promotedEvery blogger wants to have a famous blog of course. Recently there was a new friendship sites such as facebook and tweeter, his name is Likaholix. Because it is still new, so to accelerate the development of this site, they pay $ 2 per person we are to enroll in likaholix. The important thing to note is that we must enter the 5 things we like. You can put anything that is like one by one. You can enter your blog URL link there, so we can promote a blog. So we can DOLLAR addition we also promote our blog. They would pay if the money we've raised at least $ 15. For more details, please register by clicking on the link this Likaholox. If not clear please continue reading the following tutorial.

If you've done click on the link "likaholix" This is going to look like the following pages.

business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promoted

please fill in the data requested, to email please fill in your paypal email, so payments will be direct to your paypal email address. If you already filled then click "Sign Up". After that please enter your login and one at 5 things you like.

business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promoted

Like the example above, I put my own blog link, so I promote my blog as well, so I will also get traffic from here. You can also do the same thing as me. Then click on "Look Up", then will appear a few things we need to fill, like the image below:

business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promoted

"Say something about why you like this" please fill what makes you like the link you enter, for the language, you can use any language. Do not forget to give your link topics, then your stay you submit and publish through facebook or Tweeter. Because it is the main requirement for membership you get points.

Now you've finished entering 1st what you love, then you enter another one, at least 5 things or more. So full, Besides Money we can also blog promotion and selling of goods here. Take as much as your friends, so every Friday we can get paid.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Save the Image, Image, Animation and Javascript Files for Free

. Friday, August 21, 2009
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Business BlogMaybe you will not be difficult to save the images and some animation because you have Picasa that has a large storage space. However, if you save the pictures for your article, you will be a little busy with some procedures that you need to do, plus more if your internet connection is rather slow, you have to really be patient. However, if you only hope to save the Picasa course of your blog, you will be disappointed because Picasa can not save all the material for your blog, including the javascript file. Previous indeed have a place to store files in a free javascript geocities, but the end of October geocities close akan services. So have a javascript file in geocities must move immediately. To solve this problem, save the image / picture, animation, and javascript files for free, you can use the service Fileave. Here is tutorialnya.
Fileave for use as a storage place, we must first make a registration, is very easy. please log in to your and click "Sign Up" and fill in data requested, such as the complete the form below.

Storaage free,space,fileave

Fill out the form that is marked bintangnya (*) is therefore required. Then click "Sign Up". Now you can get 50MB free space to store materials blog. click on "Files" menu at the top after you login to upload.

Form,registration,free space

After that you will be directed to the place where your files, here you can also create a sub directory. But I do not need to create a sub-directory because it will extend your URL address.

like geocities,free sign-up

To save the file click "upload" then you will be directed to the search location on your hard drive the file as an example the picture below

like geocities,free sign-up

not like the service in Picasa, here we can upload many files at once. so you do not fuss back and forth. To upload please click on "Choose file" and find the location of the file to upload, do also to the other files. if it is all ready and then click "Upload." Url address of file will also be listed there.

Thus the solution for those of you who are still confused to save the javascript files and materials you blog for free. But we do not know until when the service is free, you may have a good idea to prepare you a little money to buy hosting for your next data security. Hopefully this article useful for colleagues who brackish newbie.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Retrieving and Displaying Images in Picasa Album To Blog Articles

. Thursday, August 6, 2009
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Have you use the services to save the image or collection of photos? For those who always likes to gather the photos in an album, this service is suitable for you. This service is also suitable for bloggers who need a room / space that is big enough to save the image as a material for the blog article. This service gives you a very large space for storage of images you are, not only in Mega Bytes but some have ranged Giga Byte. If you already use this service but are confused how to retrieve and display the images in the blog, here are the tricks that are easy to display images that you store in picasa for the purpose of your blog articles.

To take a picture in picasa and show your blog in the article, you must have the URL address of the image. URL is not on the address bar when you open the image. How to know the URL of the image is very easy.

First, please open your album in your picasa images, and click one of the images to enlarge. Then you place the pointer in the area of the image and right click on the image, and click "Copy image URL" or "Copy image address" depends on the browser you use. Here is a screen shot of some of the google chrome browser, firefox and opera.

google picasa

google picasa

google picasa

Then paste the URL in your posting. The html code to display the picture is as follows:

< Img src = "image URL address" >

Thus an easy way to display images from picasa article to your blog, hopefully you can help and of course useful for bloggers who are still learning like me.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Utilizing the article directory to introduce your product or your research results

. Wednesday, August 5, 2009
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If you have a product or a result of research and you want your product known and read by many people, you can be in a revealing article and publish to the general public. Now to publish the article, you can use the service on the internet article directory. you can choose one among many article directories on the internet. before you set your options, you should first see the popularity and visitor traffic from the article directory. Before you send your article, you should check the list of articles in the article directory and make sure that your article is an article that is unique and has not been publish. Because if you submit your article copy and paste the results of the article or not you have the unique articles you will not be accepted because of low quality.

You will get many benefits if you send your article to an article directory. In addition to the article will be seen and read by many people, your article will be easily searchable through the search engine. If you provide a link back to the article on the website or blog, you will get many visitors. and traffic your blog will increase. Your blog will also be increasingly popular and will increase the ranking of search engines. Therefore if you want your article or blog is well known and has a high popularity that you can utilize this article directory.

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