Monday, December 21, 2009

Posters and Wallpapers galleries for Free Download

. Monday, December 21, 2009
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poster wallpapersWhen the streets in a virtual world, business blogs are interested in a useful review blog for fans of the poster and wallpapers, is now available a gallery containing a collection of posters and wallpaper that you can download for free. There are so many collections that exist in this blog, for fans of football players, there are lots of posters and wallpapers of football players, football club logos and wallpaper images that relate to football. ever for fans of movie wallpapers, here also provided posters and wallpapers of famous movie are present, such as 2012 and the new moon wallpaper wallpaper. you can download it for free. wallpapers posters on this blog, you can also share your wallpaper or a poster you have, and you can send it to the blog admin, if you are a good image then your image will be publish in the blog.

Each time it will continue to blog updated with pictures of posters and wallpapers are nice and interesting. then make sure you always visit, if there is a display or a less pleasing picture, you also can post comments there.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hostgator Coupon | Hosting only $ 0.01 in the first months

. Tuesday, December 8, 2009
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hostgator couponAfter collecting funds from the proceeds of this business blog, I try to subscribe to web hosting services Hostgator belongs. After looking for information on how to get an account and get a discount, I was trying to register on Hostgator. Because I aim to move all my domain hosting to HostGator, I took the Baby package, with all the unlimited features, including unlimited addon facilities also enable us to use multiple domains in 1 hosting.

Earlier I said that by using HostGator services will increase traffic because HostGator more friendly to search engines. Out of curiosity with these two I want to prove the truth directly. Although other than that my main goal is to obtain a satisfactory hosting services from hosgator. Which was encouraging me was HostGator provides substantial discounts on new member. Diskonnya up to 99.9% in the first month. How to get diskonpun very easy, namely by entering the HostGator coupon "WEBHOSTING" (uppercase and without quotes). Shotnya screen can be seen in the image below:

kupon hostgator

After entering the coupon "WEBHOSTING" then click "Calculate Total" will be immediately discounted prices, from the original price of $ 9.95 to $ 0.01, pretty good right? but it was only for new members and only applies to the first month. For the calculation results can be viewed in the image below:

coupon hostgator

After making sure to get that big promotion price is right deh press "Continue" and follow the steps provided. For payment I use my paypal to make payments every month. To my friends who wish to use Paypal has verified and using the CC / VCC is still valid for later days there was no trouble.

If there is a blogger friend who wanted to register at HostGator and have problems, I am willing to help you, can use email or via Chat via Yahoo Messenger. For a blogger friend who wanted to register and get discounts please click here and click order on the package plan provided, and do not forget to include the word "WEBHOSTING" in the Coupon box provided.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hostgator | Increase traffic by using high-quality web hosting

. Sunday, December 6, 2009
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Has strong visitor traffic is every blogger's dream, especially bloggers who are aiming to get a lot of dollars. High traffic is guaranteed to get a lot of dollars of business blog that is run. Many things are very influential in increasing traffic, including the Top Level Domain (TLD), CMS used engines and Web Hosting of course. In this meeting I would like to express my opinion about using a quality hosting to increase visitor traffic on our blog.

Among the many web hosting on the market and prices vary among the HostGator, BlueHost and mediatemple, I prefer to recommend Hostgator. Why? because it was a lot of fellow bloggers who are getting benefits after using HostGator.

For bloggers who create blogs using a CMS, as well as, of course, know how much space and bandwidth that should be owned. Lots of local web hosting or reseller web hosting offers web hosting with a very cheap price, but still restrict or give space and limited bandwidth. So if we are flooded with blog visitors, so our blog will be suspended due to run out of bandwidth quota. Not to mention other problems that must be faced if we use the local host for the blog that we target for many countries. Error DNS, server down, SERP is difficult or other problems.

For beginners in managing the blog using wordpress problem is learning and valuable experience. Like my own, I've moved twice and web hosting frequent problem I experienced. If this continues to lose traffic visitors certainly is a risk that should we experience.

From a few friends who are using blogger hosting at HostGator, visitor traffic has increased significantly. This is because HostGator is very friendly with search engines, so that our blog SERP position will get better in search engines. Also Hostgator provide the Space and Unlimited Bandwidth. So you do not have to worry about running out of space or bandwidth. Hostgator is able to accommodate visitor traffic under 100 thousand visitors per day. So if you want to build a blog using their own hosting we recommend you use HostGator. If you wish to register please click the image below to see the price and other specifications.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Paid to promote | how can the dollar out of every 1000 visitors

. Friday, December 4, 2009
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paid-to-promoteMost of longing every blogger is a high traffic of visitors each day. With dense traffic of visitors we will get many benefits from our blog business. One example, if we follow the program paid to promote it, we'll be paid $ 4 or $ 2 per 1000 visitors, but on the condition of our visitors come from certain countries such as: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Danish, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain. The main concern is visitors from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom. If you get visitors from the country you will get $ 4 per 1000 visitors. If in addition we will be rewarded with $ 2. If your visitor enough then immediately enroll in this program. For payment will be done automatically once with a 2-month minimum payment of $ 0.1 through paypal. For more details, here's a guide:

To register please click on words "paid to promote" this or click here it will show you the contents of the form to the following directions:

For payment information please select your own, if you have paypal, please fill in your paypal email. If you have completed please click the "Sign Up". Next, you can login using the username and password you entered earlier.

after login you will get the html code and code to look for refferal. For the html code you can put it in your css that is before the or can be installed in the sidebar. Well if you've installed, you have to wait for payments each month.

that if you have visitors who have been in the set. Dollars will be sent to your paypal if your blog visitors busy. With paid to promote, you do not need to do anything. just install the code and you can dollar.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Business in the blog is a business that has unlimited range

. Monday, November 30, 2009
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Blog now in great demand. Used to blog only used by most Internet users as a media vent about personal experiences and sharing knowledge among bloggers. But now blogs have been used as a commercial enterprise by some Internet users. Business that we can enter in the blog is very diverse, not just struggling in the business blog that covers only paid review, sell links, paid to put a logo or affiliate only. But we can run the business in daily life. Do you have merchandise, has any expertise or business that you have can you promote or you develop through blogs. Can you imagine, if you develop your business through a blog, you will have chance to get customers unlimited amount. Are you ready to contain it?

What should you consider in managing the blog that became a means selling your products is how to bring in visitors that really target your products. Of course to achieve that, the blog must be filled with articles related to our products. What, How, for what, and where. All these elements must be present in your blog. so people will be able to find easily what they are looking for. If you have your blog content with a variety of explanations about the products you have, with few keywords optimization techniques then you do not have to wait long to be held in 10 major google search. If this is achieved then you just simply monitor your customers coming to your place.

The way above is an easy way to reach the top 10 in google search, with the assumption that the business that we do have a little competition. Certainly not be as easy as above if the business that we do have very much competition on the internet. More and more of our competitors our business on the internet, we must increasingly work hard to besaing and time we will also embrace the old. The technique will be used will also vary, not only using the normal way, but will also use a lot of cheating, as if we are to compete in business in the real world.

So start developing your business through blogs from now. Take advantage of this opportunity now and a business with unlimited range will you get later on.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3 losses if PTC scam

. Wednesday, November 25, 2009
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ptc scamPaid to click (ptc) is one of the online business that is a favorite by some netter. Because of this online business does not require special skills to do so. Conditions for doing business ptc is also very easy, we only need to register, click on the link in the set and looking for refferal as much as possible to increase earnings. And all this must be done online. The fee that we will get also vary from very small to very promising fees unreasonable. For a blogger friend who jumped into the world of PTC should be careful, because the PTC business is very vulnerable at the SCAM (do not pay you). Surely we would be feeling disappointed after we had accumulated earnings and PTC much concerned disappeared from circulation when we want to make payout. Usually PTC program often scam is promising huge pay per click that we do, but did not rule that gives ptc also experienced a small fee scam. So if you want to follow ptc program, you have to get ready for disappointment if the relevant ptc scam.

If the PTC program that you follow the scam (not paying) there are some losses that you may feel, including:

1. Loss Time
When we need to do this ptc program depends on the amount of Ptc that you follow. ptc more you follow it will take up your time. Usually to complete one of our ad click takes about 15-30 seconds, and it also depends on internet connection that we use. the slower the connection we will reply the more time we need.

2. Internet Connection Loss
This loss is not a problem for those who use the free connection, for example, for those of you who get the connection from the office or use a free hotspot. But for the recorded still using the connection or use the internet cafe to subscribe this course is very detrimental.

3. Loss of Deposit

Usually to minimize the amount of payout and increase our earnings in PTC we must make a deposit the amount varies. Well if PTC is a scam we will add loss.

All three losses above should we consider before joining this PTC online business so that later we do not feel too disappointed. And you need to gather information that can be believed before you follow this ptc online business.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Business Online is not Expensive

. Monday, November 9, 2009
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business blogThe Internet is a flexible medium to do things. Generally most people use the Internet as a medium to find some information using the internet as a media provider of information needed someone else. Providers of information is usually done by Bloggers like us. Now for the information provider has a great opportunity to do business online. Business Online there are various tiger species in the internet from an online business that uses a very low cost to business online using a very expensive cost. Usually a business risk is generally proportional to the capital that we use. If we use the risk of capital that we will encounter will also be great. This however is not entirely true for those who do business online on the internet, many bloggers who only have internet connection to get a huge profit with very little risk at all even without significant risk. So if a business online can be done with a small capital and cheap why to choose that expensive?

Online business on the Internet are cheap and small risk and have a chance to get a big income is through the media blog. If you already have a computer plus the Internet network inside it was a basic capital for you. if you do not have it you can go to cafes or to find a lot of scattered hotspots for free. To create a blog we do not have to pay for a lot of media that provide for free such as and most popular and widely used today. For a guide to create a blog, you can also find for free on the internet. You simply type a word in the search engines like google and yahoo and with just one click you can choose the information you want. So is information on how to develop a lot of blogs and optimization scattered and distributed free of charge on the internet. But if you do not want hard to find here and there you can also buy a package of scattered blog guide on the internet. And you have to careful in choosing ebook, because many ebook that offers you wonderful dreams, but many lies therein. For that you need to find the right references and experience before buying Ebook so you do not regret later.

In addition to the media through your blog can also do other online businesses like affiliate at Clickbank. You may ask how do Clickbank affiliate business without having a blog? of course you can, you can simply register at Clickbank affiliate link and get the products you want to offer. Next, you simply write an article about the benefits and usefulness of your product will sell and put affiliate links within the article. Next article you can send to several article directories available (you can find through google). Just send the article only once, you have chance to get a constant income throughout the period. As we know that the commission if we successfully sell products in the Clickbank is the range of 50 to 75% of the price of its product. This is one way to bring the dollar with little capital and without the use of blogs / websites.

Way above you can do quickly and with low capital. But I'm sure, if you are already in this online business you will definitely learn a blog, because with the media blog we can do a variety of online business on the internet without any limits. So you stay thinking about business ideas, or imitate and develop business ideas from people who have succeeded. So whether you agree that to do business online we do not need to pay expensive? What do you think?

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogrollplease | sell text links that provide safe and high prices

. Friday, October 30, 2009
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Has pagerank is a pride for bloggers. If Pagerank (PR) which we already have dropped and changed to 0 and even N/A it is a disaster that was not expected. Since the reply this happens the revenue will decrease drastically. Not only our blog business, sell a link, post a logo or a paid review of income decline, but also adsense will also decrease, because there is the myth that a high PR will affect the SERP (search engine result page). Which means that if there is a decrease in PR then traffic will decrease. One way to preserve pagerank is to avoid selling links that use scripts / feeds. There are many places selling links that do not use the script such as, sell a nofollow link, and one additional place to sell a safe link. namely

Sell links on this brokerage is very profitable, selling brokers differ from the other link broker provides a higher price than others. Of some seniors who have managed to sell links on blogrollplease say that here is a place to sell a very expensive link. Of course, with some consideration to our blog sold at high prices. Which has become common parameters that blogs are rewarded with a high dollar is the pagerank from google, slim alexa, technorati, and certainly no less important is the daily traffic that we have.

Somewhat different from the others, in blogrollplease no verification via email. If you do not have to register blog surprised by its lack of verification via email. You'll get an email if advertiser is interested in buying links on your blog. You will be asked to put a link to the author complete desired by advertiser. If we are hard to put the link and confirm our lives will we accept payment through paypal. Registration was free, so please register your own blog, there is no necessity to have your blog PR. But by having the opportunity to conduct public relations will be greater. Safe way to sell hope this link could be useful to secure the pagerank and increase the dollar purse in our paypal.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Business Casual in Clickbank Affiliate

. Friday, October 23, 2009
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clickbank affiliateMore and more business opportunities we can do this in Internet media, including the Clickbank affiliate business. After some time ago ClickBank open to internet marketers Indonesia, this course is an opportunity eagerly awaited by the Indonesia Internet Marketers. I think the ClickBank Affiliate Business is business casual, because this business can do without having to work hard. This business can be applied in several media. If you love writing and have a blog, this business can be tucked in your blog business. Also not a problem for those of you who do not have blogs, but have the capital to install the PPC ads. If you want to relax and just a little time on the Internet using adwords PPC advertising is the right solution.

If the PPC is the media of your choice, you just enough to spend a little time to put an ad in the PPC then you live just once in a while to check your sales transactions and empower your PPC ads to maximum use.

Clickbank Affiliate Business can we apply to our business blog, If we have a blog high traffic then the chances of success in the greater Clickbank, you simply adjust your product from Clickbank to sell what visitors search your blog, or be otherwise. You can build a blog that discusses about the Clickbank products and you just enough so that the optimization techniques to your blog to get a good position on search engines so that opportunities to sell products is growing. If you have enough so you just sit back and just relax.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

ClickBank Affiliate Learning Guide

. Sunday, October 18, 2009
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After getting a free $ 100 voucher from google adwords a few days ago, I wanted to use these vouchers to do affiliate business, this happens when the largest affiliate of Clickbank has opened him to Indonesia, then I also want to feel the pleasure of dollars from Clickbank. Armed with this free voucher I am determined to learn to sell other people's products through google adwords. To me that just want to try the business on Clickbank course requires a simple guide and easy to understand, after looking for some guidance Clickbank ebook, I found a Clickbank ebook which guides the successful experience of the person. Without thinking I bought it, after study, not hard to understand what is Clickbank, how to sell Clickbank products without having to have a website and how it tips and tricks to become success in Clickbank. All that I met in this ebook.

For friends who want to learn a good affiliate business using a website or without a website can use this ebook Clickbank guide. Moreover, already has a free $ 100 voucher from adwords, should be used as much as possible to learn and achieve maximum profit.

Obviously I was helped by the existence of this ebook, So now I have not received a dollar from Clickbank, because my ads that I post it on adwords not be performed because of its status is still "under reviews" I also do not know how long this review process, hopefully soon impassable.

Many internet marketers who succeed in Indonesia Clickbank, and I had just started, hopefully I will soon be able to understand the market and can be followed to feel the dollars from Clickbank. Hopefully I can immediately show a screen shot of my dollars from Clickbank in this blog.

For friends who want to buy this ebook Clickbank guide, please click here and we'll be sharing about this Clickbank business.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tips How to Get Free $ 100 Google Adwords Voucher

. Tuesday, October 13, 2009
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Google for a free-for advertising vouchers worth $ 100, there is not yet gets? If you are one lucky person who has not or maybe you've actually got it but you are not aware, I will notify you. Actually, if you have already registered your blog on Google Webmasters Tool maybe you've got $ 100 voucher, but you never checked it out. Try to go to Google webmasters tool and check your inbox there, Google adwords usually give voucher through google webmasters tools. So lucky if you have already registered your blog in google webmasters.

Here is an example email that contains a voucher that is in the inbox google webmasters tools.

email webmasters tool

Do not forget there is a coupon voucher expire limits, so it should be quickly activated and used, if I look at the contents of email at the bottom, it said that if the voucher is only valid for new accounts in adwords.

adwords limit

to enable us to quickly sign up with google adwords with a gmail email that we have. Just follow the instructions, and in the billing section please enter your voucher code, there will be seen later on your balance cut worth $ 100 activation fee of $ 5. But you can not use your adwords for advertising before making your first deposit. At a minimum you must make a deposit of $ 10.

Please make payment and follow the instructions there, you can make a deposit using a credit card, or bank transfer. My advice if you're new, please use bank transfer as I do. Later we will be asked to send our deposit to HSBC Bank, and do not forget the shipping information section, you include the reference number provided by google adwords to speed up the identification process our payments. My experience delivery process takes 2-3 business days (Saturday -week not included). Such tips on how to get a $100 coupon google adwords and how to activate it, I hope useful.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get a Coupons $100 from Google Adwords

. Sunday, September 27, 2009
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coupon google adwords imageWhen I open my email, I got an email from google, the contents of the email explaining that I was getting $ 100 coupon from Google Adwords. So, this coupon can be used to advertise on google adwords. At first I doubted the existence of these coupons, why do I get my coupons dapet $ 100? huge coupon for me. With a little racing I open the contents of email, Here is a screenshot of the contents of the email from google.

coupon $100 from google adwords image, business blog

To use these tickets I had to register in google adwords, because I'm still new in this, I was browsing looking for information on google adwords. And it turned out many of the master internet marketing success through this google adwords, google adwords is a media campaign with hundreds of millions of visitors each day.

With a coupon of $ 100 is my google adwords to daydream and have a dream to succeed like the others so that this business blog can provide information my success later. Hopefully with this coupon I could achieve my dream.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Accelerating the index articles in Search Engine by Ping Service

. Saturday, September 26, 2009
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Accelerating the index articles in Search Engine by Ping Service image,business blogHave you checked already indexed or not you post an article? Then how long it takes for our articles indexed in search engines? really fast or slow depends indexed articles from engine bots (googlebot) visit our blog to crawl. If googlebot happy with our blog for frequent updates in the discipline, it will be quickly indexed, but it takes a few minutes or even hours. Well, for those who want to quickly indexed article, even less than 2 minutes, we can use the ping service. There are many pinging services and we use the service for free. But remember, we can not ping more than 1 time after updating the blog, because it could be considered SPAM.

I used to use the ping service from, the service is fast and there are many search engines to list on the side through this service, but after noticing there was a better and has facilities for feed, so I turned to using

After I noticed it did not take long, straight up in search engines especially google. If you want to check is indexed or not, please type the complete title of the article on search engines, if the title is unique and no one to match must occur in less than 2 minutes after the ping. So I conclude that the ping service is a powerful way to accelerate the article indexed in search engines

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to Choosing Paid Review Program

. Sunday, September 20, 2009
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how to choosing paid review program, scam programIf we get new information about a program blog business, we must be careful and need to find more information about the program. For example, we get new information that there is a paid review programs that limit the minimum cashout, cashout even for us to collect $ 50 to $ 100 first. While it is true they will pay but we have to do several jobs in advance, in my opinion if there is a program that limits the minimum cashout $ 50, it was not fair and the truth needs to be checked. to obtain information about the truth of these programs we have to ask google.

1. Paid First
ask google to type "First Paid" followed by the program name, eg "First Paid from ReviewMe" if there has ever received payment from the program means that this program away from the first sensor.

2. Scam Programs
ask google if there opinion stating that brokers SCAM. For example I demonstrated the "Paying Post Scam" if you get results, see why. Then read it again another article that states the program Scam, If many of the state program scam, of course, you must be willing to leave.

3. Question Forum
Follow a few forums that review and sharing of business blogs, ask the forum if you suspect a scam program.

Maybe it was just a simple tips for choosing the program paid review, may be useful and if there is a broker friend who want to add a comment please through below.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Install Logo and Banner in Blog

. Monday, September 14, 2009
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How to Install Logo and Banner in Blog,pm business,perfect money,business blogApparently there are still many blogger friends who are still confused in the installation of the logo and banner for the PM business money in perfect money. Actually very simple once I install this logo and banner. Noteworthy is the "img src" and "href". For the record, img src is the URL address of the image that is displayed, whereas if the href is the purpose of the banner or logo is clicked. Fill "href" with your affiliate link at the perfect money.

for more details following is an example of html code.

<a target="_blank" href="Url target">
<img alt="The word alternativ" src="image URL" border="0" /> </a>

Please replace the word that I marked with a red banner with your criteria. The following are examples of my html code to display banner or logo is perfect money.

<a target="_blank" href="">
<img alt="Perfect Money" src="" border="0" /< </a>

for installation logo of Perfect money you can use html code above by replacing the numbers 499,246 with your refferal code numbers.

Please put this code in your blog. Good guide how to install these logos and banners can be useful for friends who are still newbie.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's SCAM PayingPost

. Thursday, September 10, 2009
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SCAM PayingPost,business blog,paid reviewsBrokers are paid reviews I was very disappointing, after the approval of my website, it immediately got 2 Job. After working on the job turns out to 5 day job I had made had not been approved. Because of this incident suspicious, I casually look for information in google by typing in the keyword "PayingPost Scam". It turns out I was very disappointing, many which stated that brokers are paid reviews have been SCAM which means that the broker is not going to pay. There are several reasons why a broker is said to be a scam by the senior bloggers. Requires a minimum payment of $ 50 which was initially only $ 25, then there is no response from the admin of the email sent there, and the minimum payout changes abruptly.

By reading some of these articles, I have to give up my efforts are not paid by them. And I have to remove the link out I had made. I made this a valuable lesson to be more careful in following the program paid reviews. I really feel disappointed with the fact that it was PayingPost SCAM.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Place the logo / banner at PerpectMoney Pay $ 20 Every Month | Paid to Put Logo

. Friday, September 4, 2009
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Your blog already has a pagerank (PR) from Google? if yes, you can join the program business blog from PerpectMoney (PM), you will be paid every month just by placing a logo. At the beginning of a fee is $ 40/month but recently there is a change to 10 * PR your blog, but the condition of your blog have a PR 2 or above. If these conditions are met you will get paid every month. Previously, I introduced what it used to PerfectMoney (PM). PM is a means of payment on the Internet, like e-gold, LibertyReserve, Paypal or other payment instrument. of facilities owned AM can we equate with Paypal, Paypal only difference is more popular because the first up and has become a common means of payment on the internet. There are many useful features in the PM you can learn more later. As for the steps dapet dollar is as follows.

The first step please begin by registering, click on the word "PerfectMoney", then please fill in the form given as complete.

perfect money,paid to put logo,business blog, dollar,place banner

Remember, for safety of use trojan keylogger virtual keyboard to fill in the password especially if you use a public internet cafe or at the office.

perfect money,paid to put logo,business blog, dollar,place banner

after you fill in all, do not forget to check the words "I agree with terms and condition" then click "Register". After that, please open the email you used to register and use Member ID given by email to login. Next please login by filling out the Member ID and password.

perfect money,paid to put logo,business blog, dollar,place banner

Then to follow the tide of business logos please search the words "PM for Business" which is located at the bottom. such as the following figure.

perfect money,paid to put logo,business blog, dollar,place banner

Check settings on the second option is "Reward to site owners with the logo of PerfectMoney" and then fill your blog URL address.

perfect money,paid to put logo,business blog, dollar,place banner

Then click the button below to continue. Parties PM will examine the feasibility of your blog, wait approximately 1 x 24 hours you will receive a notification email. If your blog is approved please approve or logo you install PM, measuring 150 x 75 px, For installation instructions and examples of its logo in the "Affiliate Program" dibagian located at the bottom.

Please try, if there is a problem I am ready to help you.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Campaign Blog and can Get $ 2 each Refferal from Likaholix

. Sunday, August 30, 2009
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business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promotedEvery blogger wants to have a famous blog of course. Recently there was a new friendship sites such as facebook and tweeter, his name is Likaholix. Because it is still new, so to accelerate the development of this site, they pay $ 2 per person we are to enroll in likaholix. The important thing to note is that we must enter the 5 things we like. You can put anything that is like one by one. You can enter your blog URL link there, so we can promote a blog. So we can DOLLAR addition we also promote our blog. They would pay if the money we've raised at least $ 15. For more details, please register by clicking on the link this Likaholox. If not clear please continue reading the following tutorial.

If you've done click on the link "likaholix" This is going to look like the following pages.

business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promoted

please fill in the data requested, to email please fill in your paypal email, so payments will be direct to your paypal email address. If you already filled then click "Sign Up". After that please enter your login and one at 5 things you like.

business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promoted

Like the example above, I put my own blog link, so I promote my blog as well, so I will also get traffic from here. You can also do the same thing as me. Then click on "Look Up", then will appear a few things we need to fill, like the image below:

business blog, likaholix, get money,blog promoted

"Say something about why you like this" please fill what makes you like the link you enter, for the language, you can use any language. Do not forget to give your link topics, then your stay you submit and publish through facebook or Tweeter. Because it is the main requirement for membership you get points.

Now you've finished entering 1st what you love, then you enter another one, at least 5 things or more. So full, Besides Money we can also blog promotion and selling of goods here. Take as much as your friends, so every Friday we can get paid.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Save the Image, Image, Animation and Javascript Files for Free

. Friday, August 21, 2009
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Business BlogMaybe you will not be difficult to save the images and some animation because you have Picasa that has a large storage space. However, if you save the pictures for your article, you will be a little busy with some procedures that you need to do, plus more if your internet connection is rather slow, you have to really be patient. However, if you only hope to save the Picasa course of your blog, you will be disappointed because Picasa can not save all the material for your blog, including the javascript file. Previous indeed have a place to store files in a free javascript geocities, but the end of October geocities close akan services. So have a javascript file in geocities must move immediately. To solve this problem, save the image / picture, animation, and javascript files for free, you can use the service Fileave. Here is tutorialnya.
Fileave for use as a storage place, we must first make a registration, is very easy. please log in to your and click "Sign Up" and fill in data requested, such as the complete the form below.

Storaage free,space,fileave

Fill out the form that is marked bintangnya (*) is therefore required. Then click "Sign Up". Now you can get 50MB free space to store materials blog. click on "Files" menu at the top after you login to upload.

Form,registration,free space

After that you will be directed to the place where your files, here you can also create a sub directory. But I do not need to create a sub-directory because it will extend your URL address.

like geocities,free sign-up

To save the file click "upload" then you will be directed to the search location on your hard drive the file as an example the picture below

like geocities,free sign-up

not like the service in Picasa, here we can upload many files at once. so you do not fuss back and forth. To upload please click on "Choose file" and find the location of the file to upload, do also to the other files. if it is all ready and then click "Upload." Url address of file will also be listed there.

Thus the solution for those of you who are still confused to save the javascript files and materials you blog for free. But we do not know until when the service is free, you may have a good idea to prepare you a little money to buy hosting for your next data security. Hopefully this article useful for colleagues who brackish newbie.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Retrieving and Displaying Images in Picasa Album To Blog Articles

. Thursday, August 6, 2009
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Have you use the services to save the image or collection of photos? For those who always likes to gather the photos in an album, this service is suitable for you. This service is also suitable for bloggers who need a room / space that is big enough to save the image as a material for the blog article. This service gives you a very large space for storage of images you are, not only in Mega Bytes but some have ranged Giga Byte. If you already use this service but are confused how to retrieve and display the images in the blog, here are the tricks that are easy to display images that you store in picasa for the purpose of your blog articles.

To take a picture in picasa and show your blog in the article, you must have the URL address of the image. URL is not on the address bar when you open the image. How to know the URL of the image is very easy.

First, please open your album in your picasa images, and click one of the images to enlarge. Then you place the pointer in the area of the image and right click on the image, and click "Copy image URL" or "Copy image address" depends on the browser you use. Here is a screen shot of some of the google chrome browser, firefox and opera.

google picasa

google picasa

google picasa

Then paste the URL in your posting. The html code to display the picture is as follows:

< Img src = "image URL address" >

Thus an easy way to display images from picasa article to your blog, hopefully you can help and of course useful for bloggers who are still learning like me.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Utilizing the article directory to introduce your product or your research results

. Wednesday, August 5, 2009
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If you have a product or a result of research and you want your product known and read by many people, you can be in a revealing article and publish to the general public. Now to publish the article, you can use the service on the internet article directory. you can choose one among many article directories on the internet. before you set your options, you should first see the popularity and visitor traffic from the article directory. Before you send your article, you should check the list of articles in the article directory and make sure that your article is an article that is unique and has not been publish. Because if you submit your article copy and paste the results of the article or not you have the unique articles you will not be accepted because of low quality.

You will get many benefits if you send your article to an article directory. In addition to the article will be seen and read by many people, your article will be easily searchable through the search engine. If you provide a link back to the article on the website or blog, you will get many visitors. and traffic your blog will increase. Your blog will also be increasingly popular and will increase the ranking of search engines. Therefore if you want your article or blog is well known and has a high popularity that you can utilize this article directory.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Save the image in Picasa | Options other than GeoCities

. Wednesday, July 29, 2009
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After a few days ago, got notification that GeoCities image storage facilities close by the end of October 2009 to come, then I need to find a place to store pictures than geocities. And begin to move images from Geocities to Picasa. Picasa is a Google service that provides a large space to store pictures. This can be utilized to store the images we will use the material for the article. The main requirement to be able to use this service is we must have an account at google.

There are several ways to upload images to, the first way is to download the application provided by google, and the second is to directly open a Picasa website.
The way how to make picasa tutorial for the post will be discussed at the next meeting.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tips Send Money Without fee in Paypal

. Saturday, July 18, 2009
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Are colleagues blogger ever send money via paypal? Or had received money in your paypal, and the value decreased due to the reduced cost of delivery? If that ever happens and you should not experience again until delivery. Actually there are ways that people who receive money from us is not affected by the cost, the cost of providing Paypal as we create the type of payment for the purpose of sale and purchase. So what that payment is not classified as sale and purchase transaction?

If you will make money for sending note types, see the picture below:

Send money in paypal without  fee

After you write the nominal money you send, select the "personal" should not use the "Purchase". That way your payments are personal, not for sale and purchase transactions. So, people who receive the shipment from us because the amount is not reduced FEE. Hopefully this article useful.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Show interesting effects in the exhibition

. Tuesday, July 7, 2009
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When you get the opportunity to attend the exhibition and promote your business, make sure you set the display of interest. With the unique appearance will reflect your ability to compete. Visitors will be interested and want to know about your products. By showing interest in the effect of the exhibition, will maximize the business what you do.

To show the different effects you can use Trade Show Display with a unique impression of comfort. Truss with high quality or Logo Floor Mats that can show your company's specialty. It also can exhibit booths you need to improve the appearance in the exhibition. With so visitors will easily remember your company or product.

Basically if you show the effect of a different and unique product you will be easy to remember, visitors will be content to see your products and eventually they use your products.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Step by step overcome the limited access in paypal

. Monday, July 6, 2009
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Several days ago, when I buy a new domain at GoDaddy, there was something in my Paypal. At the time of payment, I have the error. After I check the Paypal account, it appears that I have access restrictions (Limited Access). After that I check the Paypal requires proof of address. So to overcome this I will be required to upload proof of address such as electricity bills, telephone bills or other bills that listed my name and address. Here is my experience in overcoming the limited Paccess paypal.

Opening at the time my Paypal account to any posts as follows:

limited access paypal 1

Then I click on the "Resolution Center" to see the problems that occur, there are appreciators as follows:

limited access paypal 2
To overcome this problem I need to send proof of address requested. Then I click "resolve" and I will be required to up-load documents or fax proof of address or Utility Bill. Need to know your billing date may not be evidence of more than 6 months. I have a chance starone my bills, this is the bill that I scan and upload. To perform the steps to upload click "Upload"

limited access paypal 3

Then click "choose" and search for file names that have been prepared for the upload, and write the name of the file. Type of Evidence in me choosing proof of address so that desired by Paypal. the other may be left empty, then click "Attach This File".

limited access paypal 4

After the data is sent and we want to live waiting for a notification, if I see the status has become the "In Progress".

The next day I get an email containing the access restrictions that have been overcame, such as the email below.

limited access paypal 5

Finally finished the Paypal and I can complete the payment at GoDaddy, process the transaction to be smooth and successful purchase 2 domain again.

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