Thursday, June 25, 2009

Resolve the warning status in the sitemap in google webmasters

. Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you always open a blog on the condition of google webmasters? There may be a good time once you see it. May register at the beginning of your blog to webmasters do not have any problem or warning, as well as at the time you enter your sitemap. Several days ago, I was busy with a warning status on each sitemap my blog, I tried to find in google search but did not work out, Changing the type of sitemap atom.xml to rss.xml no success as well. The note on the status is "invalid XML tag" then there are details on the error on its author.

In fact the error is in the author tag. After I add the author tag in my template, the warning was eventually resolved, and I get additional knowledge of the author must add tags on the blog template. To sintax is a meta tag like this:

<meta content='nama owner blog' name='author'/>,

Please change the name of the blog with your name and place the code on the tag below <head> or under the verification code you google webmasters.
Hopefully this article can help you have a blogger friend of the same problem with my nature.

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