Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogrollplease | sell text links that provide safe and high prices

. Friday, October 30, 2009
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Has pagerank is a pride for bloggers. If Pagerank (PR) which we already have dropped and changed to 0 and even N/A it is a disaster that was not expected. Since the reply this happens the revenue will decrease drastically. Not only our blog business, sell a link, post a logo or a paid review of income decline, but also adsense will also decrease, because there is the myth that a high PR will affect the SERP (search engine result page). Which means that if there is a decrease in PR then traffic will decrease. One way to preserve pagerank is to avoid selling links that use scripts / feeds. There are many places selling links that do not use the script such as, sell a nofollow link, and one additional place to sell a safe link. namely

Sell links on this brokerage is very profitable, selling brokers differ from the other link broker provides a higher price than others. Of some seniors who have managed to sell links on blogrollplease say that here is a place to sell a very expensive link. Of course, with some consideration to our blog sold at high prices. Which has become common parameters that blogs are rewarded with a high dollar is the pagerank from google, slim alexa, technorati, and certainly no less important is the daily traffic that we have.

Somewhat different from the others, in blogrollplease no verification via email. If you do not have to register blog surprised by its lack of verification via email. You'll get an email if advertiser is interested in buying links on your blog. You will be asked to put a link to the author complete desired by advertiser. If we are hard to put the link and confirm our lives will we accept payment through paypal. Registration was free, so please register your own blog, there is no necessity to have your blog PR. But by having the opportunity to conduct public relations will be greater. Safe way to sell hope this link could be useful to secure the pagerank and increase the dollar purse in our paypal.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Business Casual in Clickbank Affiliate

. Friday, October 23, 2009
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clickbank affiliateMore and more business opportunities we can do this in Internet media, including the Clickbank affiliate business. After some time ago ClickBank open to internet marketers Indonesia, this course is an opportunity eagerly awaited by the Indonesia Internet Marketers. I think the ClickBank Affiliate Business is business casual, because this business can do without having to work hard. This business can be applied in several media. If you love writing and have a blog, this business can be tucked in your blog business. Also not a problem for those of you who do not have blogs, but have the capital to install the PPC ads. If you want to relax and just a little time on the Internet using adwords PPC advertising is the right solution.

If the PPC is the media of your choice, you just enough to spend a little time to put an ad in the PPC then you live just once in a while to check your sales transactions and empower your PPC ads to maximum use.

Clickbank Affiliate Business can we apply to our business blog, If we have a blog high traffic then the chances of success in the greater Clickbank, you simply adjust your product from Clickbank to sell what visitors search your blog, or be otherwise. You can build a blog that discusses about the Clickbank products and you just enough so that the optimization techniques to your blog to get a good position on search engines so that opportunities to sell products is growing. If you have enough so you just sit back and just relax.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

ClickBank Affiliate Learning Guide

. Sunday, October 18, 2009
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After getting a free $ 100 voucher from google adwords a few days ago, I wanted to use these vouchers to do affiliate business, this happens when the largest affiliate of Clickbank has opened him to Indonesia, then I also want to feel the pleasure of dollars from Clickbank. Armed with this free voucher I am determined to learn to sell other people's products through google adwords. To me that just want to try the business on Clickbank course requires a simple guide and easy to understand, after looking for some guidance Clickbank ebook, I found a Clickbank ebook which guides the successful experience of the person. Without thinking I bought it, after study, not hard to understand what is Clickbank, how to sell Clickbank products without having to have a website and how it tips and tricks to become success in Clickbank. All that I met in this ebook.

For friends who want to learn a good affiliate business using a website or without a website can use this ebook Clickbank guide. Moreover, already has a free $ 100 voucher from adwords, should be used as much as possible to learn and achieve maximum profit.

Obviously I was helped by the existence of this ebook, So now I have not received a dollar from Clickbank, because my ads that I post it on adwords not be performed because of its status is still "under reviews" I also do not know how long this review process, hopefully soon impassable.

Many internet marketers who succeed in Indonesia Clickbank, and I had just started, hopefully I will soon be able to understand the market and can be followed to feel the dollars from Clickbank. Hopefully I can immediately show a screen shot of my dollars from Clickbank in this blog.

For friends who want to buy this ebook Clickbank guide, please click here and we'll be sharing about this Clickbank business.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tips How to Get Free $ 100 Google Adwords Voucher

. Tuesday, October 13, 2009
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Google for a free-for advertising vouchers worth $ 100, there is not yet gets? If you are one lucky person who has not or maybe you've actually got it but you are not aware, I will notify you. Actually, if you have already registered your blog on Google Webmasters Tool maybe you've got $ 100 voucher, but you never checked it out. Try to go to Google webmasters tool and check your inbox there, Google adwords usually give voucher through google webmasters tools. So lucky if you have already registered your blog in google webmasters.

Here is an example email that contains a voucher that is in the inbox google webmasters tools.

email webmasters tool

Do not forget there is a coupon voucher expire limits, so it should be quickly activated and used, if I look at the contents of email at the bottom, it said that if the voucher is only valid for new accounts in adwords.

adwords limit

to enable us to quickly sign up with google adwords with a gmail email that we have. Just follow the instructions, and in the billing section please enter your voucher code, there will be seen later on your balance cut worth $ 100 activation fee of $ 5. But you can not use your adwords for advertising before making your first deposit. At a minimum you must make a deposit of $ 10.

Please make payment and follow the instructions there, you can make a deposit using a credit card, or bank transfer. My advice if you're new, please use bank transfer as I do. Later we will be asked to send our deposit to HSBC Bank, and do not forget the shipping information section, you include the reference number provided by google adwords to speed up the identification process our payments. My experience delivery process takes 2-3 business days (Saturday -week not included). Such tips on how to get a $100 coupon google adwords and how to activate it, I hope useful.

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