Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Save the image in Picasa | Options other than GeoCities

. Wednesday, July 29, 2009
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After a few days ago, got notification that GeoCities image storage facilities close by the end of October 2009 to come, then I need to find a place to store pictures than geocities. And begin to move images from Geocities to Picasa. Picasa is a Google service that provides a large space to store pictures. This can be utilized to store the images we will use the material for the article. The main requirement to be able to use this service is we must have an account at google.

There are several ways to upload images to, the first way is to download the application provided by google, and the second is to directly open a Picasa website.
The way how to make picasa tutorial for the post will be discussed at the next meeting.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tips Send Money Without fee in Paypal

. Saturday, July 18, 2009
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Are colleagues blogger ever send money via paypal? Or had received money in your paypal, and the value decreased due to the reduced cost of delivery? If that ever happens and you should not experience again until delivery. Actually there are ways that people who receive money from us is not affected by the cost, the cost of providing Paypal as we create the type of payment for the purpose of sale and purchase. So what that payment is not classified as sale and purchase transaction?

If you will make money for sending note types, see the picture below:

Send money in paypal without  fee

After you write the nominal money you send, select the "personal" should not use the "Purchase". That way your payments are personal, not for sale and purchase transactions. So, people who receive the shipment from us because the amount is not reduced FEE. Hopefully this article useful.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Show interesting effects in the exhibition

. Tuesday, July 7, 2009
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When you get the opportunity to attend the exhibition and promote your business, make sure you set the display of interest. With the unique appearance will reflect your ability to compete. Visitors will be interested and want to know about your products. By showing interest in the effect of the exhibition, will maximize the business what you do.

To show the different effects you can use Trade Show Display with a unique impression of comfort. Truss with high quality or Logo Floor Mats that can show your company's specialty. It also can exhibit booths you need to improve the appearance in the exhibition. With so visitors will easily remember your company or product.

Basically if you show the effect of a different and unique product you will be easy to remember, visitors will be content to see your products and eventually they use your products.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Step by step overcome the limited access in paypal

. Monday, July 6, 2009
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Several days ago, when I buy a new domain at GoDaddy, there was something in my Paypal. At the time of payment, I have the error. After I check the Paypal account, it appears that I have access restrictions (Limited Access). After that I check the Paypal requires proof of address. So to overcome this I will be required to upload proof of address such as electricity bills, telephone bills or other bills that listed my name and address. Here is my experience in overcoming the limited Paccess paypal.

Opening at the time my Paypal account to any posts as follows:

limited access paypal 1

Then I click on the "Resolution Center" to see the problems that occur, there are appreciators as follows:

limited access paypal 2
To overcome this problem I need to send proof of address requested. Then I click "resolve" and I will be required to up-load documents or fax proof of address or Utility Bill. Need to know your billing date may not be evidence of more than 6 months. I have a chance starone my bills, this is the bill that I scan and upload. To perform the steps to upload click "Upload"

limited access paypal 3

Then click "choose" and search for file names that have been prepared for the upload, and write the name of the file. Type of Evidence in me choosing proof of address so that desired by Paypal. the other may be left empty, then click "Attach This File".

limited access paypal 4

After the data is sent and we want to live waiting for a notification, if I see the status has become the "In Progress".

The next day I get an email containing the access restrictions that have been overcame, such as the email below.

limited access paypal 5

Finally finished the Paypal and I can complete the payment at GoDaddy, process the transaction to be smooth and successful purchase 2 domain again.

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