Monday, July 6, 2009

Step by step overcome the limited access in paypal

. Monday, July 6, 2009

Several days ago, when I buy a new domain at GoDaddy, there was something in my Paypal. At the time of payment, I have the error. After I check the Paypal account, it appears that I have access restrictions (Limited Access). After that I check the Paypal requires proof of address. So to overcome this I will be required to upload proof of address such as electricity bills, telephone bills or other bills that listed my name and address. Here is my experience in overcoming the limited Paccess paypal.

Opening at the time my Paypal account to any posts as follows:

limited access paypal 1

Then I click on the "Resolution Center" to see the problems that occur, there are appreciators as follows:

limited access paypal 2
To overcome this problem I need to send proof of address requested. Then I click "resolve" and I will be required to up-load documents or fax proof of address or Utility Bill. Need to know your billing date may not be evidence of more than 6 months. I have a chance starone my bills, this is the bill that I scan and upload. To perform the steps to upload click "Upload"

limited access paypal 3

Then click "choose" and search for file names that have been prepared for the upload, and write the name of the file. Type of Evidence in me choosing proof of address so that desired by Paypal. the other may be left empty, then click "Attach This File".

limited access paypal 4

After the data is sent and we want to live waiting for a notification, if I see the status has become the "In Progress".

The next day I get an email containing the access restrictions that have been overcame, such as the email below.

limited access paypal 5

Finally finished the Paypal and I can complete the payment at GoDaddy, process the transaction to be smooth and successful purchase 2 domain again.

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