Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to install adsense ads between articles

. Sunday, March 22, 2009

One way to maximize your adsense income adsense is placed in between posting. By placing the ads among the posting, the visitor will be interested to know about it, and do click on the ad. For the bloggers who have not signed up for Adsense in Indonesian please click here to sign up, you are ready with your ad, the following steps to place your ads between articles

The first condition for doing tricks this article you must be already installed "Readmore" first.

First, prepare the script of your ad, try to identify and remove the border post with the background so that you do not look so comfortable contrast eye views. then log in to your blog and go to "Edit entry" and select the articles that will be inserted adsense.

Then in the last line deleted any posts "span" and place the first line of your script before any posts ad "span" as in the example image below:

next steps to stay "publish entry" and see the results.

very easy?

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