Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Step by step through building a business blog

. Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You already have a blog? but it still confused the next step? If your goal is to create a business blog, then you simply do not have a blog and you will get the revenue there, but need to manage the persistence in the blog so that blogs can provide income. ago what to do after creating a blog? I tried to summarize the stages in building the business through a blog in the hope that friends can be useful for bloggers who are beginners, I also very much hope that friends who have experienced bloggers can add or correct if there is a blunder.

If the blog has been created, make your blog interesting with a default template to change a new template with a more friendly towards visitors. Friendly towards visitors means no unsightly blog because too many banners that blink, Not Football gadget show with over a not too useful for the progress of the blog. That is not less important is the attempt to post articles that were useful to the visitor and does not deviate from the theme blog description, this is an effort to attract the attention of Google to rank them.

increase blog visitors from search engines or manual. how to increase visitor is blogwalking do that is by visiting the blog and leave comments or post in the Shoutbox (guest book) that is provided. Give a positive comment or just a introduction so that you will get a visit request.
To get visitors from search engines you need to do is register blog to search engines and register in the webmasters tool each search engine. In addition, you can register on Bookmarking blog, this is very important because in addition get blog visitors you will get a backlink useful to improve the ranking.

Improve blog ranking, the decline is often used as a measure to see the blog fame is alexa, Google and Technorati ranking. To Obtain a ranking of the three elements of this step you can do them is to exchange links with another blogger friend, always commented on the blog Dofollow, always ping to some search engines after a update the article, to do you can use the ping service free from mypagerank.net, Another way to improve your search ranking on search engines.

Choose business to your blog, there are some business that you can select or you can place at once in your blog. If your blog does not yet have sufficient rank, you can follow the business adsense or affiliate placed on the blog. If the ranking of a blog already qualified you can register your blog to take a paid reviews business , business to sell banner space or text link. For businesses that will meet you in this blog, to keep it together this blog.

Thus I hope this brief review can help friends who are still a beginner blogger who wants to do business blog, while you may be waiting for the ranking of business you can try online, which only requires capital and capital just click, see tutorial in the online business.

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