Thursday, August 6, 2009

Retrieving and Displaying Images in Picasa Album To Blog Articles

. Thursday, August 6, 2009

Have you use the services to save the image or collection of photos? For those who always likes to gather the photos in an album, this service is suitable for you. This service is also suitable for bloggers who need a room / space that is big enough to save the image as a material for the blog article. This service gives you a very large space for storage of images you are, not only in Mega Bytes but some have ranged Giga Byte. If you already use this service but are confused how to retrieve and display the images in the blog, here are the tricks that are easy to display images that you store in picasa for the purpose of your blog articles.

To take a picture in picasa and show your blog in the article, you must have the URL address of the image. URL is not on the address bar when you open the image. How to know the URL of the image is very easy.

First, please open your album in your picasa images, and click one of the images to enlarge. Then you place the pointer in the area of the image and right click on the image, and click "Copy image URL" or "Copy image address" depends on the browser you use. Here is a screen shot of some of the google chrome browser, firefox and opera.

google picasa

google picasa

google picasa

Then paste the URL in your posting. The html code to display the picture is as follows:

< Img src = "image URL address" >

Thus an easy way to display images from picasa article to your blog, hopefully you can help and of course useful for bloggers who are still learning like me.

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