Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogrollplease | sell text links that provide safe and high prices

. Friday, October 30, 2009

Has pagerank is a pride for bloggers. If Pagerank (PR) which we already have dropped and changed to 0 and even N/A it is a disaster that was not expected. Since the reply this happens the revenue will decrease drastically. Not only our blog business, sell a link, post a logo or a paid review of income decline, but also adsense will also decrease, because there is the myth that a high PR will affect the SERP (search engine result page). Which means that if there is a decrease in PR then traffic will decrease. One way to preserve pagerank is to avoid selling links that use scripts / feeds. There are many places selling links that do not use the script such as, sell a nofollow link, and one additional place to sell a safe link. namely

Sell links on this brokerage is very profitable, selling brokers differ from the other link broker provides a higher price than others. Of some seniors who have managed to sell links on blogrollplease say that here is a place to sell a very expensive link. Of course, with some consideration to our blog sold at high prices. Which has become common parameters that blogs are rewarded with a high dollar is the pagerank from google, slim alexa, technorati, and certainly no less important is the daily traffic that we have.

Somewhat different from the others, in blogrollplease no verification via email. If you do not have to register blog surprised by its lack of verification via email. You'll get an email if advertiser is interested in buying links on your blog. You will be asked to put a link to the author complete desired by advertiser. If we are hard to put the link and confirm our lives will we accept payment through paypal. Registration was free, so please register your own blog, there is no necessity to have your blog PR. But by having the opportunity to conduct public relations will be greater. Safe way to sell hope this link could be useful to secure the pagerank and increase the dollar purse in our paypal.

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Ravatar kerja keras said...

Udah baca versi indonesia sekarang versi londonya :)

Anonymous said...

Great post!

links said...

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