Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3 losses if PTC scam

. Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ptc scamPaid to click (ptc) is one of the online business that is a favorite by some netter. Because of this online business does not require special skills to do so. Conditions for doing business ptc is also very easy, we only need to register, click on the link in the set and looking for refferal as much as possible to increase earnings. And all this must be done online. The fee that we will get also vary from very small to very promising fees unreasonable. For a blogger friend who jumped into the world of PTC should be careful, because the PTC business is very vulnerable at the SCAM (do not pay you). Surely we would be feeling disappointed after we had accumulated earnings and PTC much concerned disappeared from circulation when we want to make payout. Usually PTC program often scam is promising huge pay per click that we do, but did not rule that gives ptc also experienced a small fee scam. So if you want to follow ptc program, you have to get ready for disappointment if the relevant ptc scam.

If the PTC program that you follow the scam (not paying) there are some losses that you may feel, including:

1. Loss Time
When we need to do this ptc program depends on the amount of Ptc that you follow. ptc more you follow it will take up your time. Usually to complete one of our ad click takes about 15-30 seconds, and it also depends on internet connection that we use. the slower the connection we will reply the more time we need.

2. Internet Connection Loss
This loss is not a problem for those who use the free connection, for example, for those of you who get the connection from the office or use a free hotspot. But for the recorded still using the connection or use the internet cafe to subscribe this course is very detrimental.

3. Loss of Deposit

Usually to minimize the amount of payout and increase our earnings in PTC we must make a deposit the amount varies. Well if PTC is a scam we will add loss.

All three losses above should we consider before joining this PTC online business so that later we do not feel too disappointed. And you need to gather information that can be believed before you follow this ptc online business.

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