Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hostgator Coupon | Hosting only $ 0.01 in the first months

. Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hostgator couponAfter collecting funds from the proceeds of this business blog, I try to subscribe to web hosting services Hostgator belongs. After looking for information on how to get an account and get a discount, I was trying to register on Hostgator. Because I aim to move all my domain hosting to HostGator, I took the Baby package, with all the unlimited features, including unlimited addon facilities also enable us to use multiple domains in 1 hosting.

Earlier I said that by using HostGator services will increase traffic because HostGator more friendly to search engines. Out of curiosity with these two I want to prove the truth directly. Although other than that my main goal is to obtain a satisfactory hosting services from hosgator. Which was encouraging me was HostGator provides substantial discounts on new member. Diskonnya up to 99.9% in the first month. How to get diskonpun very easy, namely by entering the HostGator coupon "WEBHOSTING" (uppercase and without quotes). Shotnya screen can be seen in the image below:

kupon hostgator

After entering the coupon "WEBHOSTING" then click "Calculate Total" will be immediately discounted prices, from the original price of $ 9.95 to $ 0.01, pretty good right? but it was only for new members and only applies to the first month. For the calculation results can be viewed in the image below:

coupon hostgator

After making sure to get that big promotion price is right deh press "Continue" and follow the steps provided. For payment I use my paypal to make payments every month. To my friends who wish to use Paypal has verified and using the CC / VCC is still valid for later days there was no trouble.

If there is a blogger friend who wanted to register at HostGator and have problems, I am willing to help you, can use email or via Chat via Yahoo Messenger. For a blogger friend who wanted to register and get discounts please click here and click order on the package plan provided, and do not forget to include the word "WEBHOSTING" in the Coupon box provided.

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